GloMan academy¬†is established with a vision to build ‘Uniform Competence for Universal Standards’ and help people & firms globalise at ease.

Barriers between the nations for Trade, Investment and Technology-transfer are brought down through globalisation. While the policies governing the globalisation are uniform to all, not all people and firms around the world are able to harvest its benefits uniformly.

Companies that effectively adopt ‘Universal Standards’ are more successful than others in harvesting the benefits of globalisation. People from different education systems, possess varying levels of professional competence leading to ‘Differential Competence’ and thereby cause ‘Differential Standards’. Hence we believe ‘Differential Competence’ as a basic constraint to globalisation. At GloMan academy we constantly explore the ways and means to promote ‘Uniform Competence’ to accomplish ‘Universal Standards’.

GloMan group¬†was established in the year 2010 as an international start-up with establishments in India and Germany with a vision to help people & firms ‘globalise@ease’. Over the years the group developed products and services in the field of Renewable Energy and Ayurveda Wellness. Today the GloMan group under the trademark ‘GreenJeevan’ offers support to nature friendly products and services through international convention and online trade.